Cristian G Chachakmool.

  • is a Mentalist, He specializes in mind bending experiences , with 10 years of experience in Hypnosis ,He has hypnotized hundreds of people in stage and in normal (casual) settings .
  • Cristian G Chackmool has put together  a Comedy Hypnosis Show. (pg rated) for you to enjoy.
  • Now you can see how the power of the mind taps into our imagination in a very high state of focus and concentration
  • YOU will watch as volunteers from the audience (yes you can join him on stage and be hypnotized and become the star) .
  • Then laugh and cheer and overall have tons of fun as they are guided through skits becoming the stars of the show.
  • Whether you want to be hypnotized or just want to sit back and enjoy seeing others have fun onstage this is something you don’t want to miss
  • Cristian G chackmool is the founder and producer of the magic night fort collins


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